I tripped on the stairs at work and hurt my foot in the fall. I believe I am entitled to make a sprained foot compensation claim but my colleagues say the fact that there were no witnesses could hamper my claim?

In order to successfully make a sprained foot compensation claim, you must prove that your employer’s negligence lead to the accident and subsequently your injury. Although nobody saw your fall, there are many other pieces of evidence you could gather to support your claim for compensation.

For example, companies today often have CCTV cameras installed on the premises for security purposes therefore your accident may have been captured on film. You should also measure the angle of the stairs as according to the Building Regulations of Staircases Part K 1992, the pitch or angle should not exceed 38 º in offices. If the angle exceeds this limit it is likely your employer is in breach of health and safety regulations and you may be entitled to make a sprained foot compensation claim. Provided you have received professional medical care, your doctor will also have recorded the injury in your medical history which you can use to support your compensation claim and following on from that it is recommended that you record the incident in your employer’s ‘Accident Report Book’ before speaking with a personal injury solicitor.

A personal injury solicitor will be able to calculate the potential amount of compensation you may be eligible to claim for your injury, this is especially important because it will help you make an informed decision in the event you are approached with a direct offer of compensation by your employer’s insurance company.

Insurers will try to limit the amount they pay out and it is unlikely they will have your best interests at heart which will leave you at risk of being under compensated for your injuries if you accept their offer. Therefore it is recommended that you have your claim evaluated by your solicitor as they will be best able to advise on the correct action to take with your sprained foot compensation claim.