I suffered an injury to my leg from bending down to lift heavy boxes. I believe I may be entitled to claim pulled hamstring compensation but would like to know how much I may receive?

The amount of pulled hamstring compensation you are entitled to receive will depend on the circumstances surrounding your accident as well as the severity and extent of your injuries. No two compensation claims are the same and there are many factors which can alter the amount you receive.

For example, if your injury means you are unable to work you may be entitled to recover your loss of earnings through special damages. Special damages are awarded in compensation claims with the intention of returning your financial position to what it was before the accident. This means that you may be entitled to recover any costs you have incurred as a direct result of the accident, this includes any medical costs directly associated with your injury or the public transport expenses if your injury means you are unable to drive. However you must be able to provide evidence of these expenses in order for them to be included in your pulled hamstring compensation.

The nature of your injury means that you could be immobile for some time. This could have an effect on your personal life and compensation for a ‘loss of amenity’ seeks to reflect this. You may be unable to participate in the hobbies or social activities that were part of your life before the accident and if this is the case you may be eligible for compensation, it is advised that you maintain a diary detailing events that you were unable to participate in and describe how you felt. This can be used to substantiate your claim. Of course if you spend the majority of your free time watching television the impact on your personal life may not be as great and the amount of compensation awarded will reflect this.

If you feel any anxiety or depression as a result of your injury you may be entitled to claim compensation for emotional trauma. However this must first be verified by a psychologist in order for it to be included in any potential claim, a diary of the effect the injury has had on your life may also be useful in this instance.

There are other external factors that may affect your compensation claim such as age, sex and the state of your health prior to the accident. A personal injury solicitor will be able to calculate the amount of pulled hamstring compensation you may be entitled to receive based on the above factors therefore you are best advised to speak with them without delay.