I work as a postman and recently injured my knee when I slipped on wet steps outside a business I was delivering mail to. The steps had been cleaned but no hazard signs were erected to alert me, am I entitled to claim posterior cruciate ligament injury compensation?

You may be entitled to claim posterior cruciate ligament injury compensation provided that you can demonstrate that a third party was responsible for your injury. If the steps outside the premises had just been cleaned, then hazard signs should have been erected, a failure to do so could be deemed as negligent.

However, your potential claim for posterior cruciate ligament compensation must be taken against the cleaner’s employer as they are responsible for your safety while you are on the premises. They are also required to provide their staff with adequate health and safety training and could be deemed to have failed in their duty of care to staff and the public if they failed to do so.

In order to successfully claim compensation it is advised that you seek professional medical care if you have not done so already. Once you have done that you should speak with a personal injury solicitor who, based on the circumstances surrounding the accident will be able to advise if it is worthwhile pursuing a claim for compensation. They will also calculate the potential value of your claim, allowing you to make an informed decision whether you should accept a direct offer of compensation in the event that one is forthcoming.

If you decide to pursue a claim for posterior cruciate ligament compensation your solicitor will send a letter of claim to the negligent party’s insurers, they then have 21 days to notify you that they have received the letter and a further 90 days to indicate whether they accept responsibility for the accident.

If they accept responsibility, you solicitor will enter into negotiations with them to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitle to claim and if they do not accept responsibility court proceedings will be initiated.