The car I was a passenger in was involved in an accident, I sustained some serious injuries. How much compensation for a ligament injury could I be entitled to claim?

How much compensation for a ligament injury you are entitled to claim depends on the circumstances surrounding your injury and also the impact it has on your long-term health and everyday life. Passengers are usually in a strong position to make a compensation claim for their injuries as they are rarely at fault for the accident.

Although claiming compensation can be an emotional experience for some if they were a passenger in the car that was to blame for the accident as usually it means the negligent party is a friend or relative. However it is important to remember that your claim for compensation is against the driver’s insurance company and not the driver themselves.

To calculate how much compensation for a ligament injury you may be entitled to claim it is recommended that you speak with a personal injury solicitor as they will be able to evaluate you claim based on the circumstances surrounding the accident and advise whether it is worthwhile pursuing a claim.

If your injury result in an absence from work you may be entitled to recover you loss of earnings under ‘special damages’, these are damages awarded to return your financial position to what it was before the accident occurred. Therefore if you incurred any medical expenses as a direct result of the accident or had to use public transport because your injuries meant you were unable to drive, you may be eligible to reclaim these costs.

You may also be entitled to compensation for a ‘loss of amenity’, this refers to the impact your injuries have on your personal life. For example, if you were unable to participate in hobbies or social activities that were part of your life before the incident, you may be eligible for compensation. You are advised to maintain a diary giving details of events you were unable to attend and how this made you feel. This could also be useful if you seek compensation for emotional trauma suffered from the accident, although a psychologist must first verify any condition in order for it to be included as part of your claim.

Age, sex and the state of your health prior to the car collision can also affect how much compensation for a ligament injury you are entitled to claim, therefore you are advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor without delay to calculate the value of your claim taking all these factors into account.