While lifting furniture at work I felt a sharp pain in my hand, I immediately sought medical care and the doctor told me I had damaged ligaments there. How much would I receive for a compensation claim for a ruptured ligament in a thumb?

The amount you may receive in a compensation claim for a ruptured ligament in a thumb will depend on the circumstances surrounding the accident along with the severity of your injuries, the impact it has on your personal life will also be an important factor.

In order to successfully claim compensation, you will need to prove that a third party was at fault for the accident and their negligence resulted in you suffering ligament damage and in this case the third party is likely to be your employer.

Once you have received professional medical care for your injuries, it is recommended that you consult an experienced personal injury solicitor. They will be able to calculate the value of your compensation claim for a ruptured ligament in a thumb and advise if it is worthwhile pursuing a claim for compensation. The majority of solicitors in the UK offer a free consultation service for personal injury claims and it is strongly recommended that you avail of this to ensure you do not risk under compensation for your injuries.

A personal injury solicitor will calculate the value of your claim taking age, sex and the state of your health prior to the accident into account, compensation for special damages, loss of amenity and Рif required Рemotional trauma will also be included. If you receive a direct offer of compensation from the negligent party’s insurance company, it is likely their offer will not include all those variable elements. Therefore in order to make an informed decision about any potential offer for compensation, it is recommended that all such offers are referred to your personal injury solicitor to ensure you receive the maximum amount you are entitled to in your compensation claim for a ruptured ligament in a thumb.