I was walking to work the other morning when I tripped on a piece of broken pavement. I sustained anterior cruciate ligament damage and would like to know how much I may be entitled to claim for an ACL injury?

The potential amount of compensation you may be entitled to claim for an ACL injury depends on many factors which we will briefly outline in this article however it is no substitute for speaking with a personal injury solicitor who will be able to evaluate your claim and advise if it is worth your while pursuing a claim for compensation.

The impact of the injury on your personal life along with the severity of your condition will determine the amount of compensation you are awarded. If you incur any costs as a direct result of the accident, you may be able to recover these under ‘Special Damages’, these damages are awarded with the intention of returning your financial position to what it was before the accident. It is likely you will also be able to recoup medical costs in your claim for an ACL injury assuming that you can provide receipts for the expenses.

Compensation may be awarded for a ‘Loss of Amenity’ if the accident has a detrimental impact on your personal life. For example, you may have enjoyed an active social life prior to the accident as well as other hobbies but you may be entitled to compensation if you are now unable to participate in these due to the injury you sustained. However as something like this can be difficult to prove, testimonies from friends or relatives may be required in order for them to give details about your life. It is also recommended that you maintain a diary of the events you were unable to attend and explain how you felt missing them.

This may also be useful evidence if you intend to claim compensation for any emotional trauma suffered as it may be the case that you feel anxious or depressed while recovering from your injuries. Although a psychologist must first verify that you have sustained psychological trauma in order for you to claim.

Age, sex and the state of your health prior to the injury are also factors that may affect your claim for an ACL injury, therefore it is best advised that you speak with a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to ascertain the amount of compensation you are eligible to claim.