I was injured in a car accident and would like to make a cartilage injury compensation claim. What evidence will I be required to provide?

In order to successfully make a cartilage injury compensation claim you will need to demonstrate that the car accident in which you sustained your injury was caused by a negligent third party.

As with any road traffic accident insurance details should be exchanged if both parties are able to do so and the names and contact details of both witnesses should be recorded and if necessary the police and ambulance service contacted.

It is important to notify the police about the accident if you intend to pursue a cartilage injury compensation claim as even if they have not attended the scene of the accident, they will make a note of the incident which you can use to support your claim for compensation.

You are also advised to seek professional medical attention as soon as possible, this is due to the fact that if there is an unjustifiable period of time between the accident and when you sought treatment for you injury, it could be argued by the negligent party’s insurance company that the injuries you sustained were not serious enough to warrant immediate attention or that by delaying you exacerbated your injuries and thus contributed to the severity of you condition through your own negligence.

Additional evidence that could be used to substantiate your claim includes photographs of the injury and the scene of the accident as well as any CCTV footage that may exist of the incident.

Once you have visited your doctor or GP, you should speak with a personal injury solicitor as they will be able to advise if the evidence you have gathered is strong enough to support your claim. Once they are satisfied they will send a letter of claim to the insurance company informing them of your intention to make a cartilage injury compensation claim. The insurer’s then have 21 days to acknowledge that they have received the letter and a further 90 days to indicate whether they accept liability for your injuries.